Presentation Recording Room (MLC 203)

Perfect your performance! Do you have a speech to give in front of class or just want to polish your public speaking skills? Students may now reserve room 203 which has been outfitted with monitors and a camera to allow you to practice, record, playback, and save your presentation. To reserve this space, sign up at the Security desk across from Jittery Joe's on the 2nd floor. Reservations honored for those using the recording equipment - not for just studying. 

Presentation Practice Classroom (MLC 205)

Are you a student who needs a space equipped with a/v equipment to rehearse presentations or develop group projects for classes? When not in use by scheduled classes, the presentation practice classroom (room 205) in the Miller Learning Center may be reserved by individual or groups of students for this purpose.

Presentation Practice Classroom Policies & Procedures

  • This room is intended for the development and practice of academic class presentations. Failure to use the room for its intended purpose may result in the cancellation of your reservation and/or the charge of a usage fee for the use of the equipment. The person who completes the reservation request form assumes responsibility for assuring the appropriate use of the room and equipment.
  • The room may be reserved in the Campus Reservations Office up to 4 weeks in advance. Walk-in requests are discouraged.
  • Reservations may be scheduled for 2 hour time slots, limited to a total of 4 hours per calendar week (Sunday - Saturday). Groups or individuals may continue to use the room if another group does not have the room reserved afterwards.
  • Please cancel your reservation in the Campus Reservations Office if you do not need to use the room. This will allow other students to use it. Failing to cancel a reservation may result in your inability to reserve the room in the future.
  • The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will schedule a technician to provide access to and instruction on the use of the audiovisual equipment. Because the technician will meet you in the room at the time of your reservation, please be prompt in arriving to use the room.